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Chrisbo Medical Centre was established in 1997 by Dr. Mrs Bose Ola. It was established in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria. With an undying love for medicine and care for people, she decided to open the practice even though she had her allocated hospital role. It was not easy to juggle private and public practice alongside raising a family.
The hospital has grown from strength to strength since its opening from a small home-based clinic into a full fledged medical private practice. Chrisbo Medical Centre over the years has developed into a first port of call in the community for the best medical attention at an affordable price.
The combination of genuine passion for medicine, a good heart and the provision of excellent medical services are key ingredients to how far the hospital has come.
The provision of top-quality healthcare services in Nigeria was the motivation behind setting up Chrisbo Medical Centre. We believe every human deserves a chance to premium healthcare, no matter their circumstance or ailment. Chrisbo Medical Centre has the needs of the people of the community  at heart as we go the extra mile to ensure each client is given the best treatment.
Our constant development and improvement is testament to our devotion and dedication. We appoint selected staff with this same ethos and mindset, ensuring every inch of our organisation is in sync with the client’s health as top priority.