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There are both Oriental and Western approaches as well that attempt to look at the unique energy of each herb. Herb plants have long been classified according to their heating and cooling, moistening and drying, relaxing and stimulating properties. The taste of an herb can be an indication of some of these properties.

With such a basis one can soon learn that giving a hot stimulant in an acute inflammatory condition may aggravate symptoms. Giving a cooling, moistening herb when there is an abundance of mucus and much congestion may not help much. In the Western tradition herbs are also classified according to a number of other properties according to their action in the body: anti-spasmodic, diuretic, nervine, expectorant, etc.

Most people grow herb garden in their kitchen, to use as flavors in various foods and dishes they cook throughout the year. Many herb plants though, can also be used in salads or teas, and since many herb plants have very pleasant smells of their own, they can be used for general household air fresheners too. In fact, one favorite herb garden design is known as a wagon wheel. Some people go out and find actual wagon wheels to do this with, and it does make the design more attractive. Herb wherever planted, ought to be watered regularly and if not watered, it would become weaker and less likely to survive in cold temperatures.

Herb can also adapt to hot climates, therefore excessive wet soil would decrease its adaptability to cold temperatures. In this case, provision of adequate soil is must, which is possible by planting it on a raised bed. Some important aspects to be considered while growing a herb further to grow food, are: placement in containers in the indoor garden, temperature requirements for herbs in the range of sixty to seventy degree and a bit more cool during the nights and maintain the temperatures using a humidifier. The condition of the soil is another important aspect. The roots of the herb may decay when kept indoors so keeping the soil well drained is pretty important. Light is required for preparing plant food, which is done through photosynthesis.